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By Tony Sokol

In yesterday's Daily Offbeat, we re-reported the already-much-repeated story of the creepy haunted dolls in Singapore, click HERE. Daily Offbeat also offered to find this doll a home. Maybe not a haunted dollhouse, but somewhere she won't feel rejected. Today we speak to an occult expert out of New Orleans, Lary Love Dolley, about the possible origin to the magick behind this creey doll.
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hqdefaultThe story that was repeatedly reported said someone found an antique looking doll that had been blindfolded and left by a tree on a busy street. The blindfold on this creepy doll had the name of god in Arabic written across it. The overriding belief is that the doll was blindfolded to keep her from following her owner and that whoever removes the blindfold will be followed and haunted.

On the day the doll was discovered there were also reports of a suicide and a homicide, both somehow slightly abnormal, but we will explore that later.

Witnesses say the doll’s head spins when no one’s looking and that she talks when she’s left alone in a room. The doll speaks the Singapore language in an adult woman’s voice.

So, yesterday I put in a call to filmmaker and occult specialist Lary Love Dolley (click HERE, HERE and HERE). Not necessarily because she’s the world’s foremost occult specialist, but she’s the only one named Dolley. And Love Dolley at that. If anyone can get to the bottom of creepy dolls it’s a spiritual specialist named Dolley. She was also the only person to answer my call.


“There is no shortage in history of tales of haunted dolls and other possessed objects,” Dolley explained. “It is very possible for an object to take on characteristics that can be deemed ‘haunted,’ any object can be imbued with certain energies via telekinesis phenomena or poltergeist activity. This happens often with dolls for some reason and could be due possibly to their close resemblance to the human form.”

But that doesn’t explain the accounts of people who say the doll’s head spins and gives them a creepy feeling. The actual doll was made by Christie Creepydolls, who runs the site, and it was made fairly recently. That surprised Dolley, but didn’t throw her.

“Usually in such cases, the objects are antique and have been imbued with many years of traumatic energy (violent death or catastrophic injury to the owner) or sinister sorcery,” Dolley offered. “That is not to say that a newer object in the hands of someone capable of sorcerous intent could not imbue such a thing, which would be the case with this doll if it is in fact haunted and this is not a publicity stunt.”

So, if this is some kind of publicity stunt, there’s nothing to worry about, right?

Well, Dolley says, not so much, but we agreed it didn’t look likely that it was a publicity stunt, and in any case, Christie Creepydolls didn’t make the blindfold.

“A couple of examples of actual documented haunted dolls (and by actual, I mean cases deemed to not be publicity stunts) out of many examples of haunted dolls though history.”

Dolley then directed me to the true story of Annabelle, a demonic doll, which you can read about here:

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Dolley reminded me that “I am personally not a fan of the Warren’s and do not want to give their christianized propaganda party fear mongering any more shine, but this is about Annabelle.”

Duly noted, Dolley. She also pointed to the story of a doll named Robert, which you can read about here:

We will continue to chase this story and continue to urge the wonderful people of Singapore to find this creepy doll a home or – you can always send it to Daily Offbeat.

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