By Tony Sokol


The internet was abuzz over stories that a creepy doll that was found on a street in Singapore last week. The doll was creepy to begin with, but even more so after published photos showed that it had been blindfolded with a cloth that had the word Bismillah on it.

Stories crept up that the doll was haunted. Other stories connected the doll to a suicide and a particularly grisly murder that happened the same day as the doll’s discovery. Click HERE.

The story went that the doll was blindfolded to keep it from following its owner, a mysterious figure known as either Narcosis or Schadenfreud, wanted to stop the doll from following her when she left the house.

Daily Offbeat talked to a specialist in magickal sciences named Lary Love Dolley to explain possible explanations to doll possessions and hauntings, click HERE.

The creepy doll that has Singaporeans checking under their beds was made by Christie Creepydolls who sells them through Christie was accused of many creepy things in connection with the growing story, but the creepiest was an accusation that she had something to do with the abandoned doll or that it was some kind of publicity stunt.

Through one of her clients, Daily Offbeat got in touch with Christie Creepydolls, who wanted to lay to rest the many rumors.

Daily Offbeat: Are you responsible for this uproar in Singapore?

Christie Creepydolls: No! I sell dolls to collectors worldwide. Some display them in their homes and some give the dolls as gifts. Some people use the dolls in photos or short films. This doll ended up against a tree in Singapore and making international headlines. I had nothing to do with that part, I just made the doll and sent her to the buyer in Singapore.

DO: Did you make the blindfold?

CC: I did not make the blindfold or write the words that were on it. I have gotten a lot of nasty messages about the blindfold. No matter how many times I say I had nothing to do with that part, people still place blame on me. The blindfold made a lot of people mad and some people were so upset, they thought that threatening me was the solution. I have never seen a reaction to a doll. I am assuming the people who bought the doll added the blindfold.

DO: Is this a brilliant publicity stunt?

CC: If it is, I do not know what it is for. The buyers told me they were doing a news radio show this week and several people have told me it aired in Singapore but no one mentioned it being for something…… It was not a stunt on my end. I just made and sold a doll and almost none of the news coverage has given me credit. I spent hours emailing different media outlets asking them to credit me but almost all messages were ignored. My followers took to leaving comments with credit on the news stories but a lot said that their comments were not approved. Sadly, I think a story about a ghost terrorizing a country is more sensational than a doll made by an artist freaking people out. Most of the news coverage was just copy and pasted from other sources. I want to thank the people who tried to help get credit to me, it really meant a lot!

DD: Is the doll haunted?

CC: I do not know. If she is haunted, she was being a good little dolly and not spinning her head or speaking in a woman’s voice while I was around!

DD: Do you have any psychic connection to the doll?

CC: Ummmmmm…. No.

I have made over 2000 dolls and I WISH I had a connection to each one. Then I could be the Supreme Creepy Doll ruler and battle Spiderman or Batman in an epic battle to save the world from my army of possessed dolls.

DD: Do you imbue your dolls with any psychic residue?

CC: I do not think so. I wear vinyl gloves and wash my hands all the time so I think that cuts down on the spread of psychic residue.

DD: What is the doll’s name?

CC: I never, ever name the dolls. When I was a kid, I HATED that my Cabbage patch kid dolls has weird names. I felt guilty changing the names so when I started doing this, I decided I would not name a single doll. Once in a while, I make little nicknames for them though and after this gal made headlines, I started referring to her as Miss Singapore.

DD: How many of this particular model have you made or are all of your dolls one of a kind?

CC: All of my dolls are one of a kind. If anyone reading this owns a factory or toy company though and want to mass produce Miss Singapore, I would be down for designing one for you. I have worked for several Halloween companies and enjoy taking on freelance jobs- this would be a fun one!

DD: Do you know Narcosis, the person who reportedly owns the doll?

CC: I do not recognize that screen name but I know who bought the doll. I do not know who has her now but according to the news, she is on the loose. I have gotten many messages from people saying they have searched the area for her.

DD: What is your overall message with the dolls?

CC: There is no specific message. I just love dolls and I love horror movies and I love to make what I love.

DD: Has the Singaporean situation had any impact on your business?

CC: A little. Not really sales wise. But my Facebook page went crazy for a little while. Most people reading the news stories have no clue who I am or where to buy my work or even that more dolls are for sale.

DD: You also model. Are you the model for your dolls?

CC: No but my dolls love to model too. They have appeared with me in several shoots.

The doll and the mysterious owner Narcosis are apparently still at large. Daily Offbeat is sure that she has a perfectly reasonable explanation for the phenomenon, but we hold out hope that it will turn out to be unreasonable.

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