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(Photo : Emilie Remirez Facebook)

LONDON, Nov. 23, 2015 /Daily Offbeat/ — Don’t let the name “Tranquilizer” fool you. Emilie Ramirez’s new track is an exciting and energetic piece, under a slow sensuous beat. It’s also just a little bit unnverving. Ramirez’s powerful vocals conjure memories of Amy Winehouse, and the subject matter cuts just as deep.

Emilie Ramirez told Daily Offbeat exclusively that the new song “describes a sleepless, almost paranoiac and trembling feeling in the body. You know something is unhealthy for you but you stay hungry for more.”

Sounds to this writer like she’s talking about something worse than sleep paralysis, but that could be called crazy.

“Sanity isn’t a part of the game,” she continued. “It’s not because you can’t get away or your afraid – it’s a choice to stay there infinite and bold – even if it’s gonna be the end of you.”

Emilie’s rep also promised a new video is on its way. The “visuals for the track have been directed by Emilie herself alongside Alex Archimbaud, who co-directed and co-produced the video for Public Enemy’s ‘Son of a Bush’ with Memo Salazaar whilst still a student at art school in Boston.

“I have endeavored to paint a companion visual tale for Emilie’s audience, an entry into her rich lyrical universe of the beautifully morose. I call it an homage to the visually boundary pushing Italian 70’s genre of “Giallo,” Alex wrote in an email.

The 21 year-old Danish-born singer/songwriter debuted her debut single “Tranquilizer” last week.

“Armed with an experimental style that spans hip-hop, trap, soul and R&B, her first single is a track rich in metaphors and symbolism, dripping with emotion and surrounded by deep layers of rough sound,” reads the press announcement.

Emilie Ramirez has music in her veins and a little madness in her eyes.

‘Tranquilizer’ was produced by Emilie and Troels Kampmann Kjær, one of the most respected producers in the Danish underground hip hop scene. The song was mastered by music industry legend John Davis from world-renowned studio Metropolis. Davis is worked with artists like Lana Del Ray, HAIM, FKA Twigs, and U2. Like Emilie, he “believes that the expression of feelings and emotion lies at the core of good music, and justly worked with the young talent to create a track with true depth,” according to the press statement.

Emilie was born and raised in rural Denmark. She says her childhood was the key that unlocked “her creative development as the artist she is today. She spent her formative years cultivating her artistic skill, first through drawing and later with verse, as an expressive outlet for the struggles which surrounded her. As she grew, she began to write poems, which she eventually set to melodies. Her mother, a passionate artist herself, played a key role in Emilie’s growth, ensuring that music and art were central to her life from a very young age.”

You can hear Emilie Ramirez ‘Tranquilizer’ here:

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