By Tony Sokol

The Queen of Horror knows scary. Growing up in a haunted house in New Jersey, Mylo Carbia is on a first name basis with most things that go bump in the night. She rode that broom to Hollywood where she scared up some work as a screenwriter, scaring other writers into paying her to write as a ghost, but with less ectoplasmic residue. Her debut novel, The Raping of Ava DeSantis, premiered at number 1 when it was published. Her follow-up, Violets Are Red, a horror-thriller about an aging Manhattan housewife who captures her husband’s young mistress and quietly keeps her prisoner in the basement, is scheduled to hit shelves in late 2018.

Carbia will scare the living shift out of writers with her upcoming “Writing the Game Changing Contemporary Horror Screenplay” online seminar which she will teach at The Writers Store on July 13, 2017.

“The world’s first oral tales were horror stories, told to incoming generations as a way to convey social values, rules and morality,” Carbia explained in a statement. “Today’s horror movies have taken this concept one step further, using larger-than-life antagonists to remind us of the ever-haunting uncertainty of life, as well as the fear of death, that plagues us all as a species.

“Every decade, the horror genre creates a new set of conventions, recycling old concepts while incorporating fresh innovations. From Nosferatu to Paranormal Activity, one game-changing horror film wins over audiences every few years, and is indicative of a tidal wave of change within the genre, affecting everything produced from high-budget reboots to low-budget independent productions.”

During the 90 minute sessions, Carbia will share her “unique insight into what makes today’s most recent horror films harbingers of what is to come, and how to use this information to your advantage by writing a game-changing horror screenplay that will elevate your career and potentially serve as your ticket to stardom.”

“You will identify and explore current trends within this year’s horror movie lineup, and learn Mylo’s unique formula for staying ahead of the trend-curve by creating characters, plot twists and surprise endings designed to completely outsmart loyal horror film moviegoers around the world.


Carbia is ranked 7th in “The Top 10 Horror Writers Alive Today” and among “The Top 250 Most Influential Authors” by According to her advance press, her style is “a perfect mix between Stephen King, M. Night Shyamalan and Quentin Tarantino, but infused with a signature female sharpness that is all her own.”

Known for her trademark of surprise twist endings, Carbia is charging $59.99 for the seminar. The live seminar will be online Thursday, July 13, at 4:00 p.m. Eastern. It will be available for download afterwards. To register for the live seminar or download a copy of the recorded session, go to The Writers Store.