By Tony Sokol
Bill Maher has been complaining about microaggressions passively blocking one left hand from clapping. Comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock have been avoiding college campuses because it seems no one can take a joke. But Tony Hendra, from Final Edition Radio Hour, has been politically incorrect since National Lampoon.


By Tony Sokol

Chairman Mao once said “Not to have a correct political point of view is like having no soul” and Tony Hendra put his up for rent when he wrote Not The Bible with Sean Kelly, his longtime co-chief editor National Lampoon. Hendra was politically incorrect long before the term became a buzzword cutting through the liberal resistance movement.

Microagressions, some of the parts that make up the alt variety of progressive politics, sometimes put a chokehold on its progress as larger issues get bottlenecked by the minutiae of a thousand oppressions. Feminists get divided by sub-struggles like attitudes on the sex industry. Gender misidentification can derail a supporter before he knows what his support is called and nobody seems to be able to take a joke. Hendra, now runs The Final Edition Radio Hour, which pulls the trigger on a thousand offenses.

Hendra was hand-picked by…

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