Entertainment 2morrow

By Tony Sokol

The last Mercury Retrograde of the year is upon us and it will run through the beginning of 2017. During retrograde Mercury, the solar system’s smallest planet, appears to move on reverse in the sky. While this should be a great conversation starter, it actually stunts communications.

Professional New York City psychic and remote viewing instructor Dr. Gina Marie Capaldo was a featured pet psychic on the National Geographic Channel’s series Rescue Ink and recently did a segment for Fox 5 called Fox Doc: Predicting the Future with Robert Moses. Dr. Gina is a regular contributor to the Connection Beyond 920, The Voice radio program and was featured on Xandermonium Radio show and Madrigal Media radio.

Dr. Gina Marie brought her expertise to Entertainment 2morrow to break down the coming astronomical reversals.

“Mercury Retrograde is feared by many it is considered a time when your life goes…

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