By Tony Sokol

Sky Claudette Soto and Vlad Zee Dragan, also known as fire performance artists Eros Fyre, are central figures in the dark underground of NYC late night life, and undeath. Vlad was a regular feature at New York City vampire and Goth nights as a resident Tarot reader. Sky burned stages and magazine pages as a model and a recognizable face of many Goth and vampire-themed evenings in city clubs. Together they formed a unified front for the sanguine community.

As influential as they are, there is no financial security in the world of independent performance art. At the moment, the incendiary performers’ medical expenses exceed what they pull in from their shows. Sky was hit with a bronchial infection that is burning a black hole through the savings the performance art couple. Sky doesn’t use western medicine. The long-time spiritualist uses alternative homeopathic holistic remedies. While she usually sees a homeopathic doctor for any ailments, she has been forced to take care of herself until the money situation works out. Vlad and Sky took to Gofundme to bridge the gap.

The page is called “Help With Sky’s Medical Expenses.”

“Hello everyone as a lot of you out there already know my Lady Sky has been quite ill lately with severe Bronchial problems,” the page reads. “She has  lot of expenses that will need to be addressed. We can’t afford Health care at this time and also have big expenses from taking care of our Pooch Boy due to unexpected circumstances and a big Vet Bill . anything that you can Donate at this time would be a huge help , I realize that times are tough for a lot of us out there but remember how much Sky has done over the years to brighten up so many lives out there for so many of you.

“Thank You and may your Holidays be Blessed.”

Sky was the cover girl and featured model in Gothic Vampire & Alternative Female Beauty, a book of photographs by Swav Jusis. Her modeling has seen her grace magazines throughout the states, Europe, Japan and Latin America. She has been featured in magazines such as Time Out NY, Cosmopolitan, New York Magazine, Chronogram Magazine, the Woodstock Time Newspaper, Sundays NY Post, the Village Voice, Italian Max, Steppin’ Out Magazine and The Star Ledger and she has appeared on such media as Channel 11 and Channel 4, Swiss TV, Bravo TV and Fuse TV, where she appeared several times, including dancing on Pants Off/Dance Off, before combusting into her latest entertainment fusion.

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