Entertainment 2morrow

By Tony Sokol and Marie Bargas

Mercury Retrograde startsed on December 19 and will run until January 8th. This encompasses the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. Following a socially divisive year, this could bring up some hidden anxieties of things to come. Be not afraid, as angels always say before introducing themselves to people, Shinali of the Mysts and Caiza of the Shadows the conjurers of Mysts & Shadows, took a pee

1460955_666595436725950_1810676044_n CAIZA DEL SHADEO

k into what’s to come to provide some guidance.

The Forecast & Predictions were made on December 13th, during a Cold Supermoon that occurred in the sign of Gemini which, Caiza D Delashadeo of Mysts & Shadows explained, “brings extremely powerful energies to the forefront. Many of you may be experiencing a repeat of situations manifesting circumstances of a dire sort. This SuperMoon has arrived to illuminate those things within our…

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