By Tony Sokol

Mercury, it’s a tiny planet that exerts quite an influence over our solar system. Every 84 days it comes between the earth and the sun and the ensuring magnetic pull wreaks havoc on communications, electronics and scheduling. They call that retrograde. If you’re looking at the sun in the early hours of the morning, it looks like Mercury is moving backwards in the sky. People stay indoors during retrograde. They don’t sign contracts. They don’t get their cars fixed. Some of them don’t even comb their hair. Forget about blind dates.

Well? Fuck that, says Marie Bargas. She’s a tiny psychic who exerts quite an influence over her metaphysical students. Every 84 days she chants to Hindu deities and angels to wreak havoc on the counter-productive reversals of the closest planet to the sun. Marie Bargas is a Retrograde Renegade, a warrior priestess who cuts off the heads of unwanted demon energies with mystical chants to the Hindu Goddess of Wisdom, Music and the Arts, Saraswati, and other sideswiping deterrents to mercurial forces.

While the sometime-exorcist might not be able to cast out the devilish forces of mercury retrograde, they don’t hold a flame against the retrograde renegade.

“Candle magick can alleviate Mercury RX pressure by exerting an external influence,” Bargas says. “Teching ‘or remote energy adjustment’ can align someone internally to withstand the planetary influence.”

Mercury Retrograde started on December 19 and will run until January 8th. This encompasses the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. This means the new year will start during retrograde. As all astrologers warn that most endeavors should be put off until the end of the reversal period, there may be a change we might want a do-over for 2017.

“Unfortunately, 2017 could herald ‘going back’ to the Dark Ages of racism and misogyny,” Bargas says.

To combat the forces of Mercury Retrograde, the Kashmir Shaivist Bargas personally does a mala to Saraswati every day. This is 108 repetitions of the Mantra “AUM GUM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA” to Lord Ganesha that are counted on a strand of beads or rosary. Ganesha is the son of Shiva the Destroyer and Parvati, which is Shakti or Divine Feminine aspect that rules Love and Devotion. The elephant headed god is the “Remover of Obstacles.” Western Traditions correspond Ganesha with the planet Mercury.

Saraswati is the Goddess of Wisdom, Music and the Arts. She is also linked to Mercury in that she also rule Vak, which is another word for “Divine Speech.” Bargas cites the popular beej manta for Saraswati: AUM SHREEM HREEM SARASWATI NAMAHA.

Bargas explains that when both mantras are said in sequence, starting with the masculine as a grounding and the Feminine to pull active energy make a complete “circuit,” allowing Bargas to blow the effects away with the power of Vak.

“Vak is the power of sacred speech. In Kashmir Shaivism the universe was created alongside the alphabet. In a nutshell the correlation between speech and creation, preservation and destruction connects with the notion that words are power.”


The Retrograde Renegade also works with Angels and their wrathful and vengeful energies. She says she and the angels “have a special relationship that has developed since I flat-lined briefly in a car accident in my 20s. My personal guardians are accustomed to the roller coaster ride of my life. The ArchAngels are amused by it all.”

“Devil or Angel” is a good song, sure, but what’s the difference and how do we trust that energy?

“There are so many names for the same energies in all traditions,” Bargas says. “There are bad angels and good demons and vice versa. The secret is knowing yourself and taking responsibility for what you ask for. There is no black or white. Everything always comes back to us.
Bargas is different from either angel communicators or demonic conjurers.

“I have studied several magickal schools and incorporated my own experiences into the techniques,” she says. “Having been ‘on the other side,’ even if it was only for a few seconds, I came back with the ability to communicate with spirits as easily as it is to send a text or an email.”

Bargas uses many tools, from the mental to the physical. These include the pendulum and the Tarot. The pendulum gives more than yes and no answers.

“During spell work the pendulum will move with the angel or spirit is ‘working’ and swings an answer yes or no when the work is finished,” Bargas says.

While the pendulum’s swings may correspond to the magnetic forces of interplanetary influence, tarot cards remain steadfast.
“Every tarot card has a corresponding planet,” Bargas explains. “Zodiac: Gemini and Virgo; Tree of Life: Hod; Tarot trump: Magician and Connected to: Eight of Wands – Three of Cups – Six of Swords – Five of Disks – Ten of Disks,” she rattles off.

Bargas is offering Mercury Retrograde Readings through Mercury Retrograde at 50% off until January 8th. She is also offering a special on spell work that includes a free one-hour reading included in sale price of $250.00 through January 8th only.

You can find more information about Marie Bargas at her website.