By Tony Sokol

Ohayō. Konnichiwa. Konbanwa. The lovely and loving Cotorich returned to YouTube today for her first video in four years, “Resurrection, suddenly no rough Buri vol.” Which means the resurrection of the entrancingly close-talking star with the big magnetic eyes. The clip is short, under a minute, but the Japanese web star is apparently elated at being back. At one point, she flips herself into a series of giggling hand stands against a wall.

“I think it often go UP. Thank you in advance,” reads the official YouTube description.

Cotorich has been concentrating on her photography for the past few years. Cotorich has published several volumes of her photos as COTORINRI (2010) and COTORINRI 2 (2011). She won an award for excellence for her work at the 14th Photo Exhibition sponsored by the Kokusaibunkakarejji foundation.


She has also been releasing music.

Cotorich started her career as Hikaru Koto, an adult video idol and gravure model who made her debut when she was 18 in the Virgin Princess in 2003. Koto specialized in cosplay roles, usually cast as a high-school girl, such as in Ero Comic. The hypnotic actress was hypnotized herself in the June 2004 video Indecent Attraction, where she was brainwashed into a nymphomaniac. “She became a beast,” read the promotion.