Entertainment 2morrow

By Tony Sokol

I know, you’ve been seeing Lizard People for years now, they’ve been reported in the papers since the forties and a lot of people think the elite power base are actually grey scaly things, but this time the Beverly Hills Lizard People are coming in the form of a new horror comedy.

WTF!? Beverly Hills Lizard People is inspired by the “legend that Lizard People live under the ground in Los Angeles  (as reported in the papers in 1944!)… not to mention rule the world!” Yes, the Illuminati, the aliens on The X-Files, the Gorn on Star Trek, they were all lizard people. If you stop a video of almost any pundit on any news channel the right way, with bad image copying, their eyes all look reptilian in certain frames.

According to the official synopsis:

“Fashioned in a similar tone to Slither and Scream, Beverly…

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