By Tony Sokol

Cult Filmmaker Vanity Styles Captures Chemtrails on Camera then grows fibrous Morgellons

Vanity Styles had no intention of being in the middle of a controversial chemical conspiracy. The only things the adult entertainer and filmmaker ever expected to occasionally see popping out unexpectedly was her breasts. Styles was in the middle of shooting her film Desperate Fate, a top-heavy Supervixen homage to Russ Myers’ cinematic world, when her life was changed by the appearance of small strands of thread weaving their way out of her body. She had them examined and ultimately found that they were a strange phenomenon called Morgellons.


“It’s like a nightmare horror sci fi movie,” Styles explained to Live and Undead exclusively. “A part of me never wants to think about it again and another part of me wants the past almost two years back. I also want to raise awareness and let the world know what happened to me.”

Vanity Styles lives in in Tampa, Florida, and has “a son that is amazing.” She’s done some crazy things, but has “no history of mental abuse or drug abuse, nor have I ever had any health problems or allergies.”

The filmmaker who “owned a Cabaret show for 5 years” has “never had anything to do with politics and have never voted. My life was fine. I was working on a 70s-era style film called Desperate Fate.”

The film was about a bank heist and the ever-inventive director made a habit of pointing her camera at potential filming sites.

“So, about a year and a half ago I was running errands, paying bills,” Styles said. She “stopped at McDonalds and got some chicken nuggets then did a little thrift shopping. I rescued a baby kitten that was covered in fleas and mites. I noticed some strange trails in the sky so I took a pic. I had never seen anything like it before. They were chemtrails, I thought nothing of it.”

Some people theorize that chemtrails are a cocktail of dangerous chemicals sprayed from planes for some unknown larger plan. The University of California, Irvine, recently threw some water on the conspiracy theorists by putting out a study explaining that the chemtrails are merely contrails, condensation that causes water vapor that freezes around aerosols in the aircraft exhaust. But Styles found reason to believe that something else was in the air.

“Some say it’s from the government,” Styles said. “Some say cattle. Some say it’s a hex, some say it’s a blessing. I’ve heard people it’s from chemtrails, or an attempt by the government to control weather or artificial intelligence. Some say it’s all in my head.”

The evidence Styles brought to our attention, wasn’t just in or on her head or shoulders.


“I wake up one morning with a rash on my arms and legs and face and back and I felt like I was on fire,” Styles detailed. “I went to doctor and he said it was allergies or dermatitis and gave me some antibiotics and said I should be fine in a couple weeks.”

“Three weeks later I developed lesions on my face arms, legs and hands,” Styles said. “In one year I went to seven doctors. I went to the hospital four times. Twenty dermatologists studied me and they all told me something different. Some said they didn’t know.”


Styles is not alone in dealing with the mysterious ailment.

“I woke up one night with my face burning,” said Diana Lynn of Sun City West, Arizona. “The next day my face, and some spots on my back, began to scab up. I actually had what appeared to be tiny white worms coming out of my face and go back in. And the doctors still refused to acknowledge something was wrong with me, much less treat me.”

“We are a family of five who moved from Hawaii to Modesto, California on Sept. 2 2015,” Danny Arlene told us. “By Feb. 2016 we caught Morgellons disease. It was the beginning of absolute hell. My wife and I both got tick bite after tick bite on our feet. White puss-looking things were oozing out of our bodies. Black slime was on the carpets everywhere.”

The disgusting scenario quickly grew into something that would fit in with Stephen Spielberg’s classic horror film Poltergeist.


“It started out as a bedbug problem,” said Arlene. “It got serious when I saw a springtail in my 10-year-old daughter’s hair. My four-year-old son and my one-year-old baby girl were coughing up fibers, almost choking on a daily basis. My wife was pulling frantically getting them out of their mouths. I am half blind, so I can’t see them.”

“Since when do ticks come in perfect hexagon shapes,” asked Styles.

The condition has been labeled as Morgellons Disease and patients who are infected with the fibers often suffer neurological symptoms like peripheral tingling, paresthesia and varying degrees of motor involvement.

“I do not feel like it is a disease,” said Styles. “I feel it is a symptom. I’ve never felt itching or crawling I feel electric shocks. This is an electrical radiation, nanotech, bioweapon, symptom made of fungus, bacteria and a metal.”

The symptoms include itching, biting and crawling sensations. Until recently, these patients were grouped as a subset of the diagnosis of Delusions of Parasites (DOP).

“I don’t have itching or biting or crawling sensations,” Styles said. “It’s more sharp electric shocks and like razor blade glass cutting out of me.”


The name Morgellons comes from a condition involving “black hairs” emerging from the skin of children that was documented in France in the 1600s.  Morgellons is a poorly understood condition which a growing number of physicians believe to be a chronic infectious disease. It can be both disabling and disfiguring.

“I turned to the internet, along with my family,” said Lynn. “It didn’t take long to match my symptoms with Lyme’s and Morgellons. Research says that not everyone with Lyme’s has Morgellons, but 100 percent of people with Morgellons test positive for Lyme’s. Everyone’s symptoms can vary to one degree or another, but generally are quite the same. I call Morgellons ‘Lyme’s on steroids.”

The sufferers also experience intermittent cognitive and behavioral status changes that are called “brain fog.”


“I became nocturnal because I feel safer sleeping during day.” Styles began to suffer “high blood pressure, heart palpitations and began to become suicidal, which I have never been. I am very much against that and would never do something like that. I have helped many people that have been suicidal before.”

“Nothing mattered anymore,” Styles said. “Whatever I would hold in my hand that mineral would come out of my arms and top of hands, I really felt like I was going crazy. I started questioning my mental state. I documented and videoed a lot of it so I could see if my friends saw what I was seeing. After googling my symptoms I found many others with the same story on Facebook and down the rabbit hole I went.”

“I started doing research and have been working with two doctors and a scientist and with many others that have Morgellons,” Styles said. “We compare notes, pictures, videos etc. In my research I have discovered patents, micro dust weaponry, smart dust etc.”


“My wife is doing lots of research,” Arlene said. “She mentioned Morgellons possibly being the cause, I myself adamantly denied it. Until I decided to soak my feet and saw lots of blue and red fibers, then I was a believer. I wish I could say they’re no more but we still feel them crawling under our skin once in a while.”

Researchers don’t know whether Morgellons skin lesions and related material such as colored fibers are biological agents, produced by such agents, are products of the body’s attempt to rid itself of pathogens, or an aberrant body system unrelated to any agent.

Healthcare professionals originally believed that the Morgellon fibers were some kind of textile contaminant and Vanity has decked herself in quite the array of costuming in her time.


“Call me Glitterella,” Style deadpanned. “I had glitter coming out of my lesions that didn’t heal and the doctors accused me of putting cigarettes out on myself and they questioned me about my mental history,” Styles said. “I brought the particles that came out of me and they said it was just lint.”

A microscopic examination of deep tissue biopsies from her unbroken skin found that the fibers are neither hair follicles nor textile.

“I had cotton fibers come out of me,” said Styles. “Glitter, glass, crystals, shiny blue paint chips, wires that lit up, red and clear crystal hexagons, sticks, stars, black tar, tiny crystal balls, blue and red and pink thin wires, copper particles.”

“I could not believe what I was seeing,” Styles said. “I have pictures and video of a lot of it and I still have a lot of the particles in a shoe box in my back yard.


“I believe I have Morgellons,” said Lynn. Nine out of 10 doctors that I saw in 2015 believe I’m either harming myself or need to see a shrink.”

“Since when did dermatologists become psychiatrists,” asked Styles. “Doctors and dermatologists just told me to get more rest and put Vaseline on it.”

“Two of my neighbors have also been infected and have same symptoms,” said Styles. “Is my whole block delusional?”

“It is a horrendous disease,” said Lynn. “Leaving many people feeling in pain and feeling hopeless. I was grateful to find Steve’s Support Group. I was giving a protocol that included a ‘clean diet.’ I would say I feel 70 to 80% after a year on the protocol. Although after being sore-free for months it seems like it’s starting again, just not as aggressive. The open lesions take forever to heal and the body aches are bad. Headaches can be debilitating.”

“I had to detox my body,” Styles said. “I only eat grown food. I take all these crazy pills from health food store that I’ve never heard of. I painted my house, washed everything in it, including the curtains. I take my animals to the vet. I bathe in vinegar oatmeal and Epson twice a day. I threw out all make up and changed my spiritual way of thinking. And I still don’t know what the shit is.”

“So now I look like I have leprosy and I’m seeing particles all over my house. Next I’m spending countless hours online googling my symptoms, washing and wiping down everything in my house.”

All of the Morgellons sufferers went to great lengths for cures and tried new and experimental treatments.

“I have had to use magnet therapy, alkalized diet, magnets, UV lights, activated charcoal, colloidal silver, colonics, listen to binaural frequency tones,  heavy metal detox, flotation therapy and prayers,” Gascu said.

The afflicted people found themselves cut off from society like a modern-day leper colony. Struggling to complete day-to-day tasks, they became isolated and paranoid.

“I stayed three weeks out in the country by myself because I didn’t know if I was contagious,” Styles said. “I would wake up with marks, scratches, bruises, needle pricks, rashes and I would feel disoriented. Next I started feeling like I was being staked and hunted.”

“Making any plans is almost impossible,” Lynn said. “The worst part for me is not knowing whether or not this disease is contagious? Although my family lives in another state right now, the thought of the possibility of never being able to be with them or hug them again, terrifies me something awful. Especially my dear grandson.”

“My skin felt like silicone,” Styles said. “I began missing time and my hair color went from black to red. I found burns on my body. I became antisocial. I isolated myself and lost interest in my projects, loss my taste for food.”

In spite of all the treatments and dietary and health changes, the material continued to evolve.

“My spit turned into hard plastic bubble and never popped,” Styles said. “After five days it deflated.”

When I asked the condition hurt, Styles said “sometimes I feel little electric shocks in my body and, yes, sometimes like razor blade scars.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is currently investigating Morgellons but it is not yet fully recognized by the medical community. Many patients report feeling abandoned by the medical community, as they experience increasingly bizarre, disfiguring and painful symptoms.

“The CDC knows exactly what this is because this is manmade and has patents,” said Styles.

“I believe doctors don’t know what this is because they have never studied nanotech bio weapons,” said Gascu. “A lot of people with Morgellons are intelligent, normal, random people. Most people with symptoms are in Texas, California and Florida, all near military bases.

“Morgellons is an electronic radiation nanotech symptom,” said Calin Mircea Gascu, who studied electrotechnics at Institutul Politehnic Cluj Napoca in Romania. “I believe everyone has been infected worldwide and this nanotech is what GMOs are. It is found in household and makeup products and for some reason, whether it be spiritual or DNA, only certain peoples’ bodies reject it. These are self-replicating synthetic material and the same fibers have been found on meteorites and in money.”

“Lyme, Morgellons, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis – MS, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – CRPS, Cronical Fatigue Syndrome – ME, Diabetes, Cancer and other ‘so-called emerging’ or autoimmune disease are stages of the same disease caused by contamination unseen pollution,” Gascu said.

“Contamination unseen pollution. Lyme is a mild form,” he continued. “Morgellons is the most serious. If the pollution has not been eliminated, you have no chance to heal. This disease destroys the cells and organs, neglected, can lead to death. It is the mother of all diseases. Unfortunately doctors have failed in the race. They are systematically misinformed. Not knowing the real cause of these sufferings they invent diseases. In fact it deals with the effects. But the cause is there. The cause has not been removed. The cause was not disclosed.”

Gascu looked to a larger picture to explain the material’s origin.

“I believe the burns came from the radiation being so high between the GWEN towers and smart meters and this is an electromagnet warfare,” Gascu theorized. DAARPA and HARRP are behind this and I believe this a depopulation agenda. The weather and skies don’t look like they did before and this geoengineering and weather modification needs to stop.”

The group isn’t getting any answers, but they believe they are being heard, and silenced.

“I felt like someone was monitoring my thoughts,” Styles said. “I felt like I was on The Truman Show and I started hearing static in my head. I didn’t have any dreams for a year and a half. I spent all my time cleaning, washing, disinfecting, painting, researching online, washing pets and crying in the shower.


“Then I noticed same cars following me and cops sitting outside my house pointing lasers. I saw helicopters circling my house every night flashing light on me. I began to get calls from strange numbers that showed up as coming from a 0000000000 number.

“Everything in my house that was electronic began malfunctioning. The furniture in my house moved. My car was fucked with, someone was stealing my trash.”

Styles heard “light Taser sounds in my attic. And I found a strange hat left in my house.

“I felt electric shocks in my body and experienced memory loss. I saw orbs and UFOs circling my house,” she said.

She noted that whatever it was that was inside her was having an effect on the outside world and her paranoia grew.


“When I go into stores the sensors went off. I’ve had people try to drive me off road,” Styles said.

People from NASA admitted that chemtrails are real. They issued a statement admitting that they were spraying toxic ingredients, like lithium, into the ionosphere in order to help people with manic depression and bipolar disorders.

But the sufferers question why NASA would be interested in raining down psychological cures from the air on people who did not ask for it. They believe it is part of a much larger problem that veers straight into the heart of conspiracy culture.


“Many are suffering and I have many people contacting me daily worldwide,” said Gascu. “The death rate in Florida has quadrupled in the last 5 years. Look at the cancer rates and I believe the government is doing secret testing on people with their knowledge and consent. The CDC is not going to admit this because if they do and people realize this is a man-made symptom that means someone is behind it. Follow the money. There’s no money in a cure. Keep people sick and you keep them paying. So is this from chemtrails, GMOs in food, makeup products, maybe even McDonalds chicken nuggets?”

“I believe it’s everywhere and I am the front runner of this silent crime against humanity,” Gascu said. “This is genocide.”

The only cure I see is stop spraying these nanoparticles via chemtrails and stop putting GMOs in our food,” said Styles.

“The real people that are delusional are the people creating it, dispersing it and the people that won’t acknowledge it,” Styles concluded. “Morgellons is genocide.”