Entertainment 2morrow

By Tony Sokol

Ashley Park is frighteningly attractive. Beautiful enough to win Miss Asia USA, she has now set her artificial intelligence on the overthrow of humanity as Rhianna, a pleasure bot, in Neil Johnson’s futuristic thriller Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter.

Park will also go head to head with The Sledgehammer when she plays Alisha Harding, a video store clerk who gave her last rewind-the-tapes-before-you-return-this warning in the “Radical Video” segment  in Terror Tales.  The anthology horror movie flick stars one of the icons of the genre, Lynn Lowry.


Park, a Days of Our Lives 2012 alum, recently signed to headline the upcoming horror pic Trapdoor. This year’s Miss Asia USA was last year’s Miss Korea USA 2014-2015. Park’s awards as a swimmer and top long-distance runner pushed her across the finish line as an All-SEC Academic Athlete before she caught the acting bug. She slowed down long enough…

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