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entertainment2morrowexcBy Tony Sokol

John Alite was an associate of New York City’s Gambino family during the 80s and through the 2000s. He was on John Gotti’s crew.

alite1 Ex-Gotti Hitman – John Alite

According to his official website, Alite was “a murderer, drug dealer and thug” who “turned his life around and is now a bestselling author, crime consultant expert, performance coach, and keynote speaker.” He told his story to journalist George Anastasia for the book GOTTI’S RULES, A Story of Money, Murder and Betrayal, which HarperCollins published in 2015. His official website says Alite “hopes the book will be a springboard to other opportunities to tell the story in other mediums.”

Alite took a break during an interview this author was doing as his gig as Gangster Geek for Den of Geek to speak exclusively to Entertainment 2morrow about another medium entirely.

“I call him Jay,” Alite told…

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