Margot Day’s new project, Metamorph, grew from the complete transformation the singer made after an illness forced her to experience first hand what it was like to be a medical and metaphysical miracle.

Metamorph features four new songs with singles and videos, focusing on the four elements. “The Wave” (water) is available now at iTunes, The upcoming“ Fire Monkey” (fire), will premiere on youTube, iTunes and Spotify on August 2nd. The Metamorph singles “Wings” (air) and “Mindblown” (earth) following soon.

“The elements are also metamorphic, water evaporating into air, earth being transformed by fire to lava. Without change, life is not possible,” Day says.

“The Wave “Video was filmed in Australia, California, and Costa Rica Directed by Day. The short documentary of the Metamorph project was conceived by Carlos Duran. It was filmed and edited by Lazarina Todorova. The upcoming “Fire Monkey” single was produced and co-written by Producer/DJ Ari Karma. Fire Monkey Video filmed on location in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, Directed by Todorova.

The mystical musician channels melodic, Pagan pop. Day’s music is hypnotic electronic trance-dance, wild and primal, electro-industrial, dance rock with gothic overtones. She mixes styles and ideas to create “an alchemy of sound and visuals to portray how our lives are ever changing, metamorphosing from caterpillar to butterfly, or rising from the ashes like a phoenix.”

She says Metamorph is “music for morphing,” she invites the listener to “become the wave, the phoenix, the butterfly, the pirate.”

Margot Day is a singer, flutist, songwriter, and poet. She was born into an artistic home. Her mother was Jean Raymond of the Bodenweiser dance co, and her father is Lucien Day the Artist. Margot was immersed in music, dance, theater and art since birth. By the age of 8, she was playing classical music on the flute. Former child prodigy Margot Day’s voice spans three and a half octaves. She studied opera at Bard college and began writing her own music, a mix of goth and techno with an industrial edge.


Day was the front women for the post-punk group The Plague. Their album Naraka got regular college radio airplay and the band was part of the genesis of the NYC lower eastside scene, and a strong force in goth and the underground.

Day worked with such artists as Adam Yauch from the Beastie Boys, London May of the Misfits, Jim Thirwell of Nine Inch Nails and Nada Surf’s Ira Elliot.

Day released Solo CD in 1998. She collaborated and toured with Kurtis Knight on her album Sacred! ! in 1999 – 2001.  She worked on her album mOss circle with Kurtis Knight in 2009 – 2010, later releasing the mOss circle CD.

Margot Day will be announcing tour dates soon.cover