By Tony Sokol

Ajna Nirvana

(Photo : Michael Ryals)

Ajna Nirvana is a multidimensional travel guide. A “nomadic artist born of Polish gypsy parents,” her music and spiritual works take people on mystical journeys of self-discovery. Ajna fuses the spiritual harmonics of her voice with electronic music to recreate an almost shamanistic experience.

Like early mystic visions, Ajna began as a busker who played the harp and wore angel wings on the streets of the Hawaiian Islands. Mick Fleetwood of the band Fleetwood Mac caught her act and soon she was playing on BBC America, Olelo Studios, and Hawii’s Akaku channel. Trained as a hypnotist, she recorded vocal tracks for yoga and meditation albums.

Born Ajna Wysowski, the performance artist and model studied a multitude of healing modalities and philosophies ranging from clinical hypnotherapy through Maui Sufism, Native American Church practices, Hare krsna practices, Shambhala Budhism and the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. She blends these different energies in an attempt to “bridge the gap from bipolarity into unity consciousness.” She is also a seer and a healer who receives sacred energy transmissions. She also offers reiki, Immunics, which are positive affirmations, Theta Healing and Channeling.

Ajna sat down with Daily Offbeat for an intimate discussion of her work and art.

Do you have an overarching philosophy?

I believe in the awakening the consciousness of mankind.

What is shamanistic hypnosis and how is it different than therapeutic or narcohypnosis?

Working with a more shamanic than clinical approach to hypnosis, I use complete positive reinforcement. Not only this, but I feel as if I can take clients deeper with this approach. The clients truly get to be more aware and activated of the essence of their true spiritual being in the process.

In traditional clinical hypnotherapy, the guiding process is a bit more medical term-based. I like to get to the true real root reason behind the issue or illness. I believe that there is a metaphysical reason for all issues or illnesses.

What do you awaken people to and what are they waking up from?

I awaken people to their ‘higher selves’ or ‘inner being.’ Which, ultimately, is just connecting them to source consciousness. People are waking up from the metaphysical sleep or daze. They begin to realize their true potential. They become awakened to the person they truly are and were meant to become.

Is it at all ironic that people are best awakened through some kind of unconscious state?

Yes, I do think so. The reason this works though is because when we work with this deepened state of trance working with the subconscious mind, there is a logic filter that is down that is able to take information without any judgment. They allow suggestive statements easier this way.

Your music induces meditative states. What do you use sonically, such as kinds of tones, the background noises, clicks and voices, to bring the listener on your journey?

I’m glad you picked up on this. My goal is to have my musical audience is a mass hypnosis state. Sonically, I am a vocalist who sings, raps, beat boxes, and does vocal toning. When I do such, I tune into a meditative or trance state. I typically use a helicon with my microphone for vocal effects. Sometimes I mess around with different vocal apps as well. I work with a few talented producers. All of them are mostly tuned into the greater forces and understand true trance and psychedelic sounds.

I can’t always make out the words, are you using just language, accent or are you also speaking backwards at some points?

I find that funny. Sometimes I purposely sing not to be understood in certain parts. Everyone seems to love Grimes and Beck doing it. Funny story is that my musical vocal accent is inspired by Elliphant.

How do you use your voice therapeutically and does that translate to how you use it artistically?

I drop into a calming and soothing voice. I feel as if voice can also be a great healer, the way vibrations are used.

Did you use sacred geometry to compose your part for Sacred Geometry?

Yes. I had a dream once where the Pleiadians taught me how to use 3s and circles to write music. It makes all the sense in the world to me. My favorite number is 333.

What traditions have you followed or studied and what do you incorporate into your works?

I began my spiritual quest by working with Zen Buddhism from ages 16 to 19. Then I lived at a Buddhist temple in Colorado hidden in the Rockies cut off from society for a brief period. There, I began to dive deeper into my practice and also took a Peruvian Shamanism course. I took that course during a hard point in life, and it really transformed into a happier and more awakened person in 3 days. Oscar Miro Quesada was my teacher who was extremely amazing. There was nothing like it, he held a re-birthing ceremony for me during the course.

I then lived in a hare krishna ashram in New Mexico. I loved the singing, chanting, happiness, and Indian food. I ended up moving to Maui. I found myself almost instantly apprenticing for a Native American Church teacher. We had plant ceremonies, sweat lodges, painted lots, and played harp during this time. Later, I belonged to Maui Sufism where we followed many ascended masters. Nowadays, I consider myself a Universalist. Technically, my philosophy is called Theusim. This is the belief that we are truly one being and that is God. I definitely believe that I am able to incorporate Buddhism and Shamanism into my hypnotherapy practice.

What is in your spirit potion teas?

A magician never gives away his secrets.

What kinds of readings to you give?

I am an intuitive channel. All readings are customized towards the client. I find them to be more therapeutic than anything.

What kind of spiritualist do you classify yourself?


When you read tarot, do you interpret the cards as they are laid out or do they guide some kind of visionary information you’re getting?

Tarot cards are just a tool to get more psychic information. This helps the keys and clues.

Do you have to get into an altered state in order to get psychic premonitions?

You don’t have to, but it helps.

How do they appear to you?

I get visions and feelings. Sometimes I just channel information.

Are you empathic?

Yes, most Pisces are.

Do you have to shield yourself when you’re not doing readings?

No. I have to cleanse after sometimes.

Why do most people come to you?

Most people are looking for something different. They want to go deeper into their spiritual quest.

Can you read minds? Can you send thoughts?

Yes, all of the above. Mind readings are a funny thing.

What is the main form of healing that you do? What’s the biggest misconception of reiki?

My main form of healing is hypnotherapy really. I am combining modalities and will sometimes use hypnotherapy, reiki, and a psychic reading into one session. I find these to be the most powerful. The biggest misconception about reiki is that you don’t do anything. This is not true however. Chi energy is a powerful tool.

Are you a budding guru?

No. Maybe some people look at me in that way. I want to remind everyone that they are their own master and teacher.

What kind of spiritual teacher would you be?

I have always wanted to start my own cult. Perhaps some gifts and massive group hypnosis sound healings, which I have done at a few sound healing festivals. There would be a speech after, some food, dancing, and a charity to clean the ocean. We would have epic sound healing, art, hypnosis, and shamanic centers around the world worshiping our planet and being our higher self.

You can check out Ajna’s spiritual work at her website and hear her music at

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