By Tony Sokol

LEIPZIG, Germany, April 17, 2015 /Daily Offbeat/ -- After a twenty-four year retreat from the German music scene, avant-garde musician and mystic Zeena Schreck announced her return to sonic magic performance-art appearances in Europe. Zeena will perform in Leipzig's Egyptian Museum on Saturday May 23, 2015, at 7 p.m. The performance will be a unique ritual soundscape.

Zeena promised Daily Offbeat that the event will feel “like a numinous presence is taking them on a trip through another time and space,” to the lay audience.

“An historical event by a legendary figure of modern magic, mysticism and experimental-ambient music – this is more than just a secular musical concert. It will touch the audience with divine blessings and plant the seeds necessary for spiritual liberation and enlightenment,” reads the press release.

Zeena is also High Priestess of Seth and leader of the Sethian Liberation Movement, making the sacred, magically charged ancient artifacts housed in Leipzig’s Egyptian Museum an ideal venue to present ancient Egyptian aspects of the artist’s spiritual practices.


This is the second in a series of ritual musical installments inaugurated with the 2013 performance-art even

Zeena Schreck, 51, was a composer, vocalist, musician and graphic designer for the sonic magical music project Radio Werewolf from 1988 to 1993. She began lecturing about magic at the age of 16. Zeena was the High Priestess of the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set and was the Female Alpha of The Werewolf Order. She held the highest possible leadership positions in three of the most notorious occult orders of modern times, an unprecedented status that has never been matched by another occult figure. Zeena rejected western occultism in 1990 and focused on the mystical practices of Gnostic Sethianism and the original eastern left-hand path of Vedic Tantra (Shaktism) and Buddhist Tantra (Tibetan Buddhism. She is an initiated Tantric Buddhist in the lineages of Nyingma, Karma Kagyu and Drikung Kagyu.

Professor Albrecht Dieterich, a student of the University of Leipzig, wrote the first study in modern times of the god Abraxas with his influential Abraxas: Studien zur Religionsgeschichte des spätern Altertums published in Leipzig in 1891. He was also one of the first scholars to work with the Greek Magical Papyri or Papyri Graecae Magicae, a collection of ancient magical spells, formulae, hymns and rituals collection from Graeco-Roman Egypt, a body of treatises essential to Zeena’s work reviving an authentic Sethian religion in modern times.

Zeena Schreck can be contacted on her blog, on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest

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