LONDON, Aug. 12 /Daily Offbeat/ — Kelli Ali, the mesmerizing former lead vocalist for the Sneaker Pimps, announced that her upcoming “Art Of Love” limited edition CD and DVD reached its goal on her page.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAR LISTENERS! THE ART OF LOVE LTD EDITION CD & DVD has just reached its goal!!!!” Ali wrote to her Facebook page.

“Thank you for your support, I am eternally grateful Kx”

“In close collaboration with the artists and her long term visual collaborator, Leigh Bit-Phalanx and artists from the Bit-Phalanx label, Kelli has begun the process of creating this very limited run of Box sets which will feature an exclusive video and other exclusive footage,” reads her webpage.

Kelli Ali, whose real name is Kelli Dayton, is best known as the original lead singer for the trip hop group Sneaker Pimps. Before Sneaker Pimps, Ali was part of the band Psycho Drama. Russell Cross asked the vocalist to join his band The Lumieres as singer, songwriter, singer, and lead guitarist, a few years later. The Lumieres scored the British hit “Cinder Hearts”.

Sneaker Pimps are best known for their single “6 Underground” off their debut album Becoming X. Ali left the group in 1998 to the band started doing their own vocals and went solo the name Kelli Ali.

Ali released Tigermouth in 2003, which featured ex-Doors drummer John Densmore. The album included the songs “Sunlight in the Rain” and the hypnotic “Kids.”

In 2003, Ali toured with fellow 90s band Garbage. She released the album, Psychic Cat, in mid-2004. In April 2006, she wrote and recorded songs with Japan’s Hoshino Hidehiko from Buck-Tick and Cube Juice for the band Dropz.

Also that year, Kelli Ali wrote the song “Faster Kill Pussycat,: which producer Paul Oakenfold recorded with actress Brittany Murphy.

Ali released Rocking Horse on November 24, 2008. In 2009, she self-released the album Butterfly. Kelli released her 5th album in 2013, entitled Band of Angels.

“Many of my songs are based around hypnotic and repetitive chant like patterns,” Ali explained in an interview on her official website.

“There is something very attractive and mesmerizing to me about the cyclic nature of music and I am often experimenting with ways of expanding an idea that doesn’t necessarily rest on chord changes. If a song can remain on the same chord pattern for its entirety, it must be a very strong chord sequence.”

Kelli Ali promises that The Art of Love Box set will be a “beautiful Ltd Edition Box set containing a new ‘The Art of Love’ remix CD album and a video DVD featuring a collaboration and the work of fine artists Justyna Neryng and Tobias Slater-Hunt.”

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