By Tony Sokol


Katy Perry Illuminati

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Katy Perry wants to join the Illuminati. The “Roar” singer told Rolling Stone magazine in the cover interview of their latest issue. But Perry doesn’t know where to drop off her resume.Vigilant Citizen will point to Perry’s Illuminati confession as further proof that she is a member and that she is subliminally converting her followers by bringing the group into the public.

Of course, there are rumors that Katy Perry has already been a part of the Illuminati, or at least a part of MK Ultra conditioning and that her Wide Awake video was about her getting out of it.

Katy Perry Illuminati

(Photo : Screen Capture)

Apparently, she’s been pulled back in. Perry is currently mesmerizing audiences on the Prizm tour. But what is prism?

“PRISM is a clandestine mass electronic surveillance data mining program known to have been operated by the United States National Security Agency (NSA) since 2007. PRISM is a government code name for a data-collection effort known officially by the SIGAD US-984XN.”

The Illuminati, according to conspiracy sites like Vigilant Citizen, are a satanic cabal of rich and famous pop stars like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Jay Z. The Illuminati inexplicably made an overnight star out of unknown singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey, just because they could. Katy Perry wants to know why she wasn’t invited to the party.

“Listen, if the Illuminati exists, I would like to be invited,” Katy Perry told Rolling Stone in their Aug. 14 issue. “I see all that shit and I’m like, ‘Come on, let me in! I want to be in the club!'”

Katy Perry has been the victim of Illuminati accusations since she first hit the pop scene. The former Christian singer changed her name from Kate Hudson, repeatedly covered up one of her eyes, hypnotized an ET and danced on checkerboards before she became Wide Awake. But the charges went into hyperdrive after she reportedly conducted an Illuminati ritual during her Grammy performance of “Dark Horse.”

Katy Perry even proposed John Mayer for induction into the Illuminati, taking him to President Obama’s inauguration ceremonies in Washington on January 21, 2013.

It’s easy to get mesmerized when fireworks start to fly with Katy Perry. The “I Kissed a Girl” singer told Cosmopolitan that she used telepathy to hypnotize Russell Brand into proposing and we all saw how that worked out. She told Cosmo: “I was trying to make him tell me that he wanted to marry me telepathically. Every night we looked into each other’s eyes and I was thinking, ‘Please ask me, please ask me.’ Then, when we finally talked about the idea of getting married, he admitted he was thinking the same – he’d been trying to tell me that I was the woman he wanted to marry by communicating it with his eyes. So all the time we’d been sending each other subliminal messages!”

“Weird people on the Internet that have nothing to do find, like, strange triangles in your hand motions,” she told Rolling Stone. “I guess you’ve kind of made it when they think you’re in the Illuminati. But listen, I believe in aliens, so if people want to believe in Illuminati, great.”

Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” music video has drawn its share of controversy. The Christian Right was upset by Katy Perry’s seemingly satanic lyrics and Illuminati references. Egyptian scholars laughed at the “Dark Horse” Cleopatra Twinkies. Then Katy Perry drew Islamic ire for burning a symbol of Allah in the “Dark Horse” music video.

Christian rapper Flame sued Katy Perry for plagiarism on her song “Joyful Noise” but also because “the devoutly religious message” of the song “has been irreparably tarnished by its association with the witchcraft, paganism, black magic, and Illuminati imagery evoked by the same music in ‘Dark Horse.'”

Because of “Dark Horse,” Katy became the top digital artist of all time, according to RIAA Gold & Platinum Program. Dark Horse sold 72 million digital singles.

Dark Horse was written by Perry and singer-songwriter Sarah Hudson.