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Fifi Rong Facebook

(Photo : Fifi Rong Facebook)

LONDON, Sept. 6, 2015 /Daily Offbeat/ -- Hybrid Electronica artist/producer Fifi Rong is asking fans to "get involved in the making of my new EP," "Violently Silently." Following up on her 6 track EP ""Next Pursuit" and her breakout "Wrong," is taking to crowdfunding for her next project.

"I'm in the middle of getting ready the next EP release," Rong told Daily Offbeat, who "will follow up with videos and new track from the EP."

"I am a crowdfunding VIRGIN and I'm giving my FIRST time to PledgeMusic," Rong announced on Facebook and Twitter.

"The idea is that I want to get YOU - my lovely supporters - involved in the process of making my new EP, so I can justifiably SPOIL you with lots of my EXCLUSIVE stuff & SHARE some truly unique experiences with you!

"Also, I'm one of the lucky few to receive a top-up fund from Help Musicians UK to make my EP even better...ONLY if we hit our goal! "So.... let's do this and TRUST it'll be super SPECIAL!! love & blessings," she wrote.

The hypnotic Fifi Rong, who has been compared with Kelli Ali, Moloko and Lana Del Rey, recently revealed new tracks.

"I am extremely excited to announce---- that I'm finally finishing the production for my new EP 'Violently Silently'!!!!!!!" she wrote to Facebook, with clips to "studio sessions I put together to give you an idea what I've been up to while locking myself away."

The singer/producer promised to "follow up with more sneak peaks of the 'make-over' process in no time!!"

Writer and producer Fifi Rong was born in Beijing, China, and came of age in London Her music melds traditional Chinese folk melodies with Dub Reggae, Jazz, Soul, Dubstep and Trip for mesmerizing musical soundscapes.

Rong collaborated with Tricky on his 2013 album 'False Idols'. She alsos collaborated with producers Q3000, Whitesquare and Orlogin.

Fifi went to school in Bristol, Manchester, Scotland before she went to London for Ph.D. research at King's College for a paper on Dubstep culture. She wound up getting into the music instead.

She first came to prominence when she taught people how to use a Yamaha sequencer as a member of the all-female trio The Tenorions. She released her debut single 'Over You' and her first album 'Wrong' in 2013. 'Next Pursuit' was released on April 4, 2014 by Ditto Music.

You can learn more about the new record at and hear more Fifi Rong at

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