By Tony Sokol


Femininity Rising


(Photo : Tatyana Lysak)

NEW YORK, Sept. 5 /Daily Offbeat/ — International life Coach for Women Tatyana Lysak will give a free three-hour introductory Sacred Nature Workshop for ongoing Goddess Alchemy Training called Femininity Rising Training, which is “a process of finding the lost Joy and Wisdom.” The Introduction to Femininity Rising Training happens on Tuesday, September 8 at 7:00 p.m. at Central Park Obelisk in New York.

When asked whether the training runs counter to feminism, Tatyana told Daily Offbeat exlusively, that it “depends how people see feminism.”

“Many Women who used their wisdom were burned in Medieval Times. Because of others who get lost,” reads their official Facebook statement.

“Then we became property without rights. As a sad result came feminism and sexual revolution, and now women still are disconnected from their roots.

“Modern life requires women to be assertive, self-demanding, constantly struggling to create their place in the world. All of this can bring success, money and independence, but at what price? Typically women find themselves exhausted, guilty, irritable and feel no true sense of joy, becomming mired in everyday life, stifled by the fear to risk being who they really are and to love another.

“This robs them of their true feminine potential: To experience joy, beauty, contentment, trust and acceptance. This program is the place where you can fully recover, reveal your true beauty, live in unconditional love and teach yourself to feel loved.”

Tatyana Lysak, from Donetsk, Ukraine, calls herself a “sacred portal for Mother Nature. She has collected precious sacred knowledge from many traditions such as Russia, Latin America, Egypt, Hawai’i, India and other sacred cultures.

“We suppress our true sexual nature because we carry negative feelings about our sensual selves passed onto us by parents, religion, and society,” she said. “We deny ourselves because of shame and guilt. But those who dare to know are blessed with happiness and creativity. The theme of female sexuality is emphasized, viewed from multiple perspectives. This allows you to naturally increase your own sexuality, sensuality, and passion.”

Tatyana describes Goddess Alchemy Training as “knowledge, which was passed down over time, mouth to mouth from the elders of the centuries. In a sisterhood circle we will recover, harmonize and transform our lives into sacred ceremony of love.”

“This training is a path to an awakening and rebirth about self-love, love to a man, life and all around. What is it really to love.”

The training removes “negative blocks and illusions” to allow women to connect to their “intuition and wisdom.” Tatyana combines the trainings with deep meditations, Tantra, Dance, nature, and sensuality and sexuality liberating exercises that help bring about the elemental alchemy of feminine states.”

The trainingschedule is:

Friday. September 11th 7pm – 10 pm

Saturday. September 12th 11 am – 10pm

Sunday. September 13th 11 am – 9.30 pm

Price for the weekend training: $ 300

Special “bring a girlfriend discount” .

Pay $400 for yourself and your girlfriend and save $100 each.

Bring blanket, snacks / non alcohol drinks.

You can learn more about spiritual coach and Goddess of a feminine Alchemy Tatyana Lysak at or at the event’s official Facebook page.

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