By Tony Sokol
Daily Offbeat’s beat is decidedly off, but we’re not just Bigfoot chasers and Gypsy apologists. We want to help readers find alternative meanings to the big questions. A random, very late-night search of science and spirituality brought Planet Y? to our attention.

Planet Y? is a theoretic probability. First postulated by Astronomer Dr. Stewart Blackwood, Planet Y? was randomly confirmed before Blackwood’s mysterious disappearance, and presumed death. Dr. Stewart Percival Blackwood, Ph.D. Astrophysics, disappeared on Jan. 3, 2000, according to the website run by his wife, Tanya Blackwood.

planet y diag

According to Tanya Blackwood, 26, her husband Dr. Blackwood is the “discoverer of the enigmatic planet Y and expert on the limits of waveform knowledge.” The planet “was for many years mistaken for a spec of dust or a small steroid but finally was confirmed to be planet Y?”

Tanya Blackwood is an astrologer and licensed acupuncturist who studied biology and microscopy. She comes from a small town in the hills of North Carolina. Tanya told Daily Offbeat, “We have just received news that Dr. Blackwood is in fact still alive but does not wish to return from Planet Y. So, he will be transmitting information directly to me.”

Astrology and astronomy are related sciences. Both look to the stars and use mathematic formulas to project, predict and otherwise prognosticate. Astrology and astronomy are also art, as all theoretic possibilities have large margins for error. Art in its highest form is meaningless and many people who live their lives based on the stars become nihilistic because of the limiting nature of pre-determining ends.

“Astrology is a powerful tool and so is science, but it can lead to a sense of fatalism or determinism that does not encompass the experience of reality for most people,” Blackwood said. “I think this need for an alternate dimension beyond logic is an ever-present demand in the heart of man and that is where Random comes into play.”

Planet Y? provides tools for breaking those predestined ends through random elements. She believes “Planet Y? (actually pronounced as a question, but not necessary) has a lot to teach us.” Though she freely admits “Planet Y? cannot be proven to exist or not exist so it doesn’t matter. But, it is there because I created it.”

Tanya Blackwood and her partner, Dr. Ambrosia Cash read astrology as it should be read, completely randomly. Their website promises “Open yourself to these purely intuitive readings based on utter randomness. If you are science minded and have never cared for the pseudo-science bullshit of everyday astrology, now is your chance to benefit from this age old mystery.”

Tanya Blackwood is a sexual teacher. She teaches “union and shamelessness, generosity of spirit, surrender.”

“When I was young, I started programming on my Radio Shack computer and I found the Random Generator,” she remembered, “which is not truly random. But I realized then, that it had the power to expand my experience. I always worshipped random. I have studied all the religions and find that Chaos and Fear are what most people truly worship or bow down to. Sexuality, Violence, perversion – predominate media because the heart is hungry for freedom from the mind.”

Learn more about Tanya Blackwood’s studies at her website.

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