By Tony Sokol

First off, if you're going to take a sexy selfie with a corpse, you might not want to tweet it. That being said, we're glad she did because we'd never know who to forward the DVD to.Kristy Edmondson come on down, you are this week's 'Woman To Spend a Weekend At Bernie's With.'

According to The Daily Mail Online, a reliable source, right? Regardless, they said British Bobbies nabbed Kristy Edmondson after spending a week with the corpse of her professor.

The studious co-ed explained by saying um, well, "it's not how it looks." And the newly matriculated murder suspect's got the selfie to prove it.

Except that the selfie is part of the problem.

The Daily Mail Online alleges that Kirsty Edmondson is actually not so much a student as a 23-year-old sex worker. The professor used to be her teacher, which would be fine, except that he overdosed on heroin.

Kristy allegedly took a selfie with his corpse, he probably didn't sign her yearbook, and crashed at his place for a week.

According to the Daily Mail Online Kristy and the prof, Kenneth Chapman, 47, were doing the slap and tickle.

Now Edmondson and her boyfriend, Christopher Sawyers, are charged with murder.

The paper says Edmonson and Sawyers copped Chapman's cash, TV, and a computer, probably the one with the selfie. They also are said to have sent a text to a relative of the nutty professor asking for more money.

Edmondson admitted she robbed Chapman but said she didn't kill him. She says she "wouldn't kill anybody." And added "I'm not a killer, it's not how it looks." According to the Daily Mail, that is. She said she was "deeply ashamed of what I have done before and after he died. ... 'I might not be sat here bawling but when I go back to that sweat box and realise everything that's happened, believe me, I'm paying for it. " and added "... I would never kill Kenneth Chapman. I wouldn't kill anyone but I definitely wouldn't kill him. ... I'm not that type of person. I have got no reason to want him dead. I didn't do anything towards killing him. Christopher Sawyers did."

Who? Twinny? That's what she calls him, but I bet they won't be close as twins soon.

And that's why we want to spend a weekend at Bernie's with her.

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