By Tony Sokol

Bigfoot Hunter

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Bigfoot Hunter News: Self-professed "Bigfoot killer" Rick Dyer displayed the alleged corpse of the Sasquatch at a showing in Houston. This isn't the first time Bigfoot Hunter Rick dyer has claimed to have killed Bigfoot. It wasn't even the only Bigfoot Dyer killed that day, to hear him tell it.

The last time Rick Dyer brought a Bigfoot cadaver for testing, the body turned out to be a gorilla suit. Regrardless of whether the Bigfoot hunter can tell a pelt from a costume, Dyer has pronounced himself the best Bigfoot tracker of all time.

Dyer is carting around the cadaver of a Bigfoot he claims he killed just outside of San Antonio in 2012. Dyer named the cadaver of his bigfoot Hank, after one of his investors.

The Bigfoot hunter claims he shot Bigfoot after being in the woods only six days after first getting it to pose for him on his cellphone. According to a Phoenix television station, Dyer claims he shot two that same day in 2012.

The Bigfoot hunter is an admitted hoaxer. Nobody seems to care that a real Sasquatch would be an endangered species and should be protected.

Dyer keeps the body of Bigfoot inside a glass case inside his trailer.

Wendy Hernandez told the media that she was a believer. She said "It's amazing when you go inside, you feel different. I had never seen anything like this before, only on the Discovery Channel."

Mario Lopez, who talked to local media after seeing Bigfoot with his wife Julia and three children, not so much. He said "I'm not convinced. I believe the Roger Patterson footage is authentic because you can see the muscles and everything on there, but this one was kind of different. But he did mention that after the autopsy the body kind of changes."

Nobody likes a critic, least of all a Bigfoot hunter who's been busted before. But Dyer shrugs it off "Well, it's not important if people believe it's real or not, that's totally up to them."

Some people are just "haters." Probably Bigfoot's family.

Dyer says "The more haters I get the better. So if you have any haters you can give them to me."

So the Bigfoot hunter can shoot them?

Cryptozoologist and Bigfoot expert Ken Gerhard isn't convinced. He says "It is very unlikely that Dyer found Bigfoot in Westside San Antonio. There may be wildlife living there, but there's also a Starbucks across the street. There have been many brilliant and passionate people trying to find and capture one (of these creatures). Finding Bigfoot is like winning the lottery. It is very unlikely that someone like Dyer would be able to find and capture Bigfoot."

Bigfoot Hunter Rick Dyer calls his "I Told You So" Bigfoot viewing tour a redemption event because he pulled a bigfoot hoax in Georgia in 2008. That was the rubber suit Bigfoot.

Sharon Hill, owner of, said "We have the promise of a known hoaxer and he's trying to make money off of this. Even the Bigfoot community is doubtful."

Dyer told Trinidad and Tobago News Live "I was filming with the BBC film crew in San Antonio, Texas, and we came across a Bigfoot in the woods; I tracked him down and nailed some ribs to a tree ... when he came and got the ribs ... that's when I shot and killed him."

Bigfoot should have gone to the Starbucks for a latte instead.

Dyer says the new creature weighed almost 800 pounds when he killed it. Bigfoot's feet measure about 13 inches long.

Maureen Elsberry, a co-organizer of the UFO Congress, told the Huffington Post "Sure, people deserve a second chance, but if you look at the fact that he's trying to profit off of this in sort of a circus sideshow, it really does not look very favorably on being a credible situation, and the fact that he claims they're doing all these DNA tests -- well, it's been two years, allegedly. Where are the results of this DNA test?"

Dyer added that he sent the body to some "university in Washington state" for testing.

But I gotta say, that's pretty good odds. It's tough to get a glimpse of one bigfoot and here is an admitted hoaxer who says, hey, the first one was a hoax, but here, this, is the real bigfoot. Really. Dyer told the media "I was on a mission to find him because of what happened in 2008."

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