By Tony Sokol
IMG_20150330_105020MIAMI, June 9, 2015 /Daily Offbeat/ -- Former CNN Latino International Psychic and Healer Nicole Christine Martinez always felt different. Even though she was born into a family that had a tradition of magic spanning generations, the natural born psychic hid her abilities for years because she was concerned people would think she was crazy. Psychics aren't crazy she says. She wants indigo children and other spiritually talented people to know they are not alone.

The former competitive dancer is driven to help people. She is tired of stories of psychics who take advantage of their clients. Nicole is about to embark on a tour of readings and workshops in Australia for three weeks starting in July. Martinez spoke exclusively to Daily Offbeat about her life as a psychic. The interview was expansive, as the healer has accumulated many stories in her life as a psychic.

Most psychics are quick to explain that they are born with the gift. Nicole was a renowned psychic, in her family, before she was even born.

“My family was foretold that I would have out of these abilities,” Nicole said. “Being a ninth generation Psychic Medium healer, they were expecting that of course I would have some abilities of my own.”

But Nicole says her family “just brushed it off and assumed the gift would just be minimal. Boy, were they surprised.”

Daily Offbeat: How did you get discovered by CNN Latino?

Nicole: That’s a funny story, I had been working on a late night radio show on Ideal Radio Miami and one of the producers had been listening in for quite a few months. just observing how I conducted myself and seeing the following and results. Then one day he just showed up at the station and said we need you, and the rest is history. I was on CNN from Jan 2014 through February 2015.

What is the main form of healing that you do?

Nicole: Well, to be honest, I wouldn’t be able to narrow it down to one main healing. I incorporate all types of techniques while sitting with a client: emotional, mental, energetic or spiritual. The list can go on for days.


Daily Offbeat: Why did you try and hide yourself from your talents?

Nicole: At the beginning of my life, from about the age of 3 to 13, I thought it was totally normal. I was told to embrace it, not necessarily to hide it, but not to be so open about it. I was mostly told to share only with those who understood.

After the passing of my grandfather, who was my best support system, I decided to no longer embrace or accept these gifts I was born with. I felt I wouldn’t be able to handle it on my own. I honestly thought that by closing it off I was protecting myself. But the truth of the matter is all I was doing was destroying myself and everyone around me.

Daily Offbeat: Why do people think they are crazy when they tap into these realms?

Nicole: It’s safe to say that, sometimes, tapping into these realms is a bit crazy if you are not developed. And let me make this extremely clear, not everyone is born to do magic and it can actually back fire on people that are trying to dabble. So unless you’re a natural born witch, don’t do it! I was a born witch and choose not to practice unless is for cleansings and positive things etc.


Daily Offbeat: What do you say to people who think they’re crazy?

Nicole: Well some people who think they are crazy really aren’t. So many people are being born with all sorts of gifts. Since society frowns upon it, they assume something is wrong with them and it leads them to believe they are insane.

Daily Offbeat: Can you heal mental illness?

Nicole: I’m not a doctor and some mental illness cannot be healed. But I do provide help and techniques to help make the illness lessen.

Daily Offbeat: What do you feel when you pass people on the street?

Nicole: That’s a very tricky question. Once I embraced my gifts, I was able to go out like a normal person and even make eye contact. Before that, not so much. I would get physically sick since I didn’t know how to control the overwhelming energy from others. Now it’s a walk in the park. Unless, of course, spirit has a message for someone and I have no choice but to get the message through for them.

Daily Offbeat: What do you do to shield yourself from your empathy?

Nicole: Empathy is honestly one of the most difficult gifts to keep under wraps. It is very difficult for me. Not only because I pick up people’s emotions but physical feelings as well. I discovered an amazing crystal that helps minimize the effects. They don’t go away completely but its way easier to cope with.

This magical crystal is called the black tourmaline. My advice to empaths is get one of these crystals and carry it on you. Also, be able to know when those feelings you’re getting are not yours and belong to someone else. That also helps minimize it

Daily Offbeat: Why do most people come to you?

Nicole: People come to me mostly through referrals. I do not advertise. It ranges from regular psychic readings to healing, mediumship, helping with missing people, helping people make decisions in finances and with their careers. Some people ask me to help them with psychic development.

Daily Offbeat: What would you most like to be asked to do?

Nicole: I am pretty open when it comes to that. But, my spirit guides are the ones that decide what the person needs. It’s not always what they want.

Daily Offbeat: What tools do you use? What traditions of magic do you follow?

Nicole: When conducting readings I use absolutely no tools. I don’t have the need for them since I channel the messages straight from spirit. I follow every type of magic from Wicca, paganism, voodoo, but my forte is definitely Santeria since I was born into it.

Daily Offbeat: What do you want to do?

Nicole: I want to make a difference and help as many people as I can.

You can learn more about Nicole at her website.

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