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BÜREN, Germany May 7, 2015 /Daily Offbeat/ -- The Wewelsburg is a Renaissance castle located in the northeast of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The notorious castle has a dark history. It is said to house enormous spiritual energies. It was used by the Nazi elite as a headquarters and spiritual center. Satanists make pilgrimages there in search of the natural illumination its design affords.

A new book, “The Wewelsburg Myth: Facts and Legends” by Daniela Siepe and Kirsten John-Stucke, explores the history, myths and truths of the historic castle.

“The authors, provide an excellent historical overview, and leave no stone unturned, in exploring all of the legends and realities surrounding the notorious and mysterious Wewelsburg castle,” wrote Zeena Schreck, spiritual figure and occult expert, in an endorsement on her website. Zeena is the daughter of Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey.

“For German speakers who have an interest in this strange and misunderstood edifice, its history and cultural influence, I highly recommend this volume. Comprehensively researched with detailed notes and historical context, this volume includes so many obscure facts and references that even those well versed in the Wewelsburg legend would be surprised to learn yet more.


Zeena was the Church of Satan’s High Priestess and spokesperson at the time of her Wewelsburg working.

Legends say Nazi SS Chief Heinrich Himmler imagined the castle as a “Center of the World” where he could revive the Knights of the Round Table. According to legends, Heimlich employed occult priests to attempt to resurrect severed heads to make them speak in a ritual held at the castle.

Wewelsburg first came to world-wide attention as the “Grail Castle” of the Nazi SS. “Purported to be a mystical location chosen personally by Heinrich Himmler (Reichsführer-SS), it was to become an SS leadership school and the headquarters for what Himmler believed would be a German equivalent of the Arthurian ‘Nights of the Round Table,’ or the stage for a living Parsifal epic,” reads Zeena’s explanation.

“Following the end of WWII, countless legends arose surrounding this edifice, many having to do with secret cult rites and the structure having a supernatural energy, comparable to Externsteine or Stonehenge. Such legends sparked the imaginations of many authors, filmmakers, musicians, artists, political extremists, UFO fanatics, conspiracy theorists and occultists,” Zeena writes in her account.

At the center of the mysteries is the Black Sun symbol that was dug into the floor during the Nazi era. The Black Sun is often associated with the mystic-esoteric aspects of National Socialism but has its roots in the mystical “Central Sun” of Helena Blavatsky’s Theosophy.

Temple of Set founder Michael Aquino claimed he used the “High Temple of Nazism” to merge the Egypitian god Set during his Wewelsburg Working in 1982.

The new book “Mythos Wewelsburg: Fakten und Legenden” (The Wewelsburg Myth: Facts and Legends) features a personal account of Wewelsburg by Zeena.

“At a time in my life when I was questioning the inconsistencies of the philosophical and religious framework within which I was raised, I began my own ardent spiritual quest,” the writes in her account. “I needed to find the roots of, and truth behind, many of the figures, legends, and nomenclature which my father misappropriated for his newly created pseudo-religion.”

“So, in 1992, I organized a personal pilgrimage throughout Germany to many sacred sites which I’d learned of early in life. I documented my journey along the way in a video-poem entitled Germania: The Theory of Ruins. One of the target sites of my journey was the Wewelsburg, where I conducted a private ceremony and oracular magical Working. The purpose of the rite was to attain insight into the reason this castle was so strongly associated with the Grail Quest, and to learn what a ‘Grail Quest,’ – or more specifically, what The Grail – truly is. Slipping through the bars of the locked gate securing the legendary crypt, I was prepared to take on this heavy philosophical question in a spontaneous meditation.”

“All my life I’ve been driven by such things as fairy tales, sagas, mythology, folk legends, etc.,” Zeena explained on her website. “Therefore it wasn’t the humans involved in these various Teutonic occult orders and societies that interested me. What interested me was the same eternal phenomena which those people also explored.”

On her website, Zeena explains that she researched 19th century European occult figures like Otto Rahn, Guido Karl Anton von List, Rudolf von Sebbotendorf (founder of the Thule Society) and found “the same reactionary, misogynistic and fundamentally subjective fantasy role-playing (albeit on a more intellectual level) as was with the occult world of satanism I’d just left.”

Searching for a “missing something,” Zeena documented rituals at Wewelsburg and other sites in Germany and Austria in an attempt to understand The Grail. The legendary tantrika further detailed the experience on her web site.

1. To become the grail, from which I was summoning answers, I needed to take the form of the grail as we know it, in a chalice-like shape (i.e., sympathetic magic, for example if you wish to know the mystery of the Sphinx, it helps to take the position of and embody that energy).

2. The body in this position/asana becomes like a musical tuning fork and is more sensitive to a wider range of subtle to greater vibrations. I had been practicing tantra for two years by that time. So I was sensitive to how the body should be held to promote energy flow for certain purposes. When you begin in this position you raise your head upwards and slowly bring it down to find the proper alignment with the spine. This enables the best, unblocked flow of energy rising upwards through all the chakras, through the central channel and out the top of the head. It also promotes even, smooth breath flow. In order to open yourself up for the answers you seek, it’s very important to clear everything out of your head and have even energy flow throughout your body.

Zeena described that sensations, or vibrations, were “felt were throughout the body, not only the chest. The feeling began in the heart area and gradually spread ever outwards throughout the whole body. A very open, wide and expansive feeling.

“Secondly, while I’m opening myself up as I’m standing in that central spot, it’s important to not think anything. The purpose for the working, ‘What is the Grail,’ is well established in focused attention directly before beginning the ritual. Once in the ritual, that thought must be dropped and no thought can enter but rather one should be very aware of what is experienced, without expectations,” she continued.

“Using this method, the mind will be best prepared to receive signs and answers. The innate wisdom of the mind must not be forced, steered, clouded or manipulated into any predictable, or accidental, direction by the subjective wishes, interests or preferences of the individual’s personality.

Zeena found that the grail is “no tangible object, but a part of a human being himself. You cannot look for the Grail on the outside, you have to become the grail yourself.”

“In this moment you realized that the grail is no tangible object, but a part of a human being himself. You cannot look for the Grail on the outside, you have to become the grail yourself (meaning you have to awaken to your spiritual side which has access to your primordial wisdom,” she continued.

“We all have this potential, but don’t always know how to use it or access it. This is why the legend of the Grail is always a quest, whether interpreted or experienced as the spiritual inner quest or written about and described in stories and legends as an outer physical quest.”

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