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HOLLYWOOD, July 10, 2015 /Daily Offbeat/ — Is Tila Tequila slowly making the transition to financial domination? She came off a year of crazy that culminated in a sex tape bidding war and started the new year with a new baby daughter. The internet entrepreneur rebooted her social media, documenting long vines of her dropping the baby weight and new music. Then she started releasing erotic videos to go with the music. Tila now has a niteflirt account and has an Amazone wishlist. And the wiish list has some expensive stuff on it. This is the pattern of an emerging trend in the sexual underground, financial domination.

Financial dommes are a fringe element of S&M, which prefers to be called BDSM, which the vanilla public, those that aren’t familiar with the culture, tends to think of as whips and chains and leather and masks with zippers for mouths. The financial domme skips all that and concentrates on the money, referring to those that will pony up as pay piggies, losers, wankers and living ATMs. Sometimes the clientele is rendered into some kind of somnambulistic state as zombie love slaves, but that’s another sub in the culture. Financial domination has been around for a while but is now gaining ground on social media like YouTube.

Tila Tequila has always been at the forefront of trends. She’s a kind of media maelstrom Madonna, whose career also thrived on controversy because it was just ahead of the trend. Teguila was the first star of the first breakthrough social media, Myspace. She had a hit single with underrated lyrics in “I Love You,” a raunchy reality show on MTV, spreads in Playboy, Maxim and Blender. Then she went full-tilt conspiracy theorist, rumors persisted that she was popping Ambien and getting visions and worse.Some people accused her of spreading disinformation, others that she was making it up as she went along and others threw far darker and sometime more violent charges at her. It’s all googlable, what’s true or not is up to interpretation, that’s not the point anyway.

After a reported brain aneurysm, Tequila’s tweets and tweedles took a darker turn as she posted Nazi apologensia and promised ascension through sensual guided meditations. David Icke threw charges that she was brainwashing Tila’s Army with hypnotic frequency beams and threw numbers all over it. Google it, I’m doing this from memory. I was assigned to follow her at the time for another zine, so just go with this, it’s a goof anyway, as I hope you know. A lot of these financial dommes put up faux hypnosis videos.

Tila’s been transforming with tantalizing teasers like her video “Pussy Control” which she released on July 5, 2015 at 4:06 p.m. under the name MissTila.

“Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all enjoy this fun, eye-candy, pussy (or dick) control video I put together for y’all! Why? Cuz I love you! Do you love me too??? Prove it,” she captioned it.

Then Miss Tila dipped her toe into the findom pool, posting “Hey Guys! So per a lot of your requests I have decided to post up my Amazon wish list so check it out! Lots of random stuff on there! Anyway, I will be busy moving this weekend amongst other things so please be patient with me as I get settled in. Maybe you can get me […].”

She later removed the post.

Tequila promises more music and will probably be on a British reality TV show. She’s a pretty offbeat character so, good for her. We welcome the inevitable snake that will follow in the comment section. Feel free to include what I’ve left out, you always do.

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