By Tony Sokol

Hide and seek is different in Singapore. Take the blind fold off a doll and they follow you home.

If you see a doll sitting next to a tree with a blind fold on, you might just want to keep walking. Or not. According to multiple reports Singapore is being haunted by creepy dolls.

It seems someone found a doll sitting up against a tree on a busy street in Singapore. The doll was wearing a blind fold. Upon closer inspection, you can make out odd lettering on an apparently antique doll’s eye covering.

The lettering is in Arabic and it says “bismillah,” which is roughly being translated as some kind of I-have-nightmares-of-genie curse. According to Wikipedia, bismillah is an Arabic phrase meaning “in the name of God.”

If you take the blindfold off, the doll reportedly finds her way into your home and haunts you for the rest of your days.

Are there Haunted Dollhouses in Singapore? I’d like to see the Doll Hospitals.

Witnesses believe the doll is possessed and bops around town on her own when her owner is out. They say the eyes are covered so the doll can’t follow the owner around.

There have been further reports that witnesses hear the doll talking when it’s alone in a room. They say the doll speaks Malaysian and sounds like a grown woman.

Some people claim the doll is possessed by the devil because it pulls a trick from “The Exorcist,” spinning her head around when people aren’t looking.

On the day the creepy doll was first reportedly discovered there were also reports of a singularly odd suicide and a street slaying.

I say these reports are giving the doll a bad rap. She’s looking for a home and gets nothing but rejection. Daily Offbeat would love to find this doll and give her that home.

We traced the doll to its maker, Christie Creepydolls, who runs the site She said “I had nothing to do with this doll terrorizing Singapore. But I am getting the backlash- the blindfold says something about Allah and people are mad. I did not do the blindfold.”

Christie promises to give the real back story to the Singapore hauntings. Stay tuned to Daily Offbeat for updates. Don’t hide behind a blindfold.

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